Friday, September 2, 2016


Last week I said the days were flying by,

NOW the days are flying by.

And now it's not a great thing it's an awful terrifying thing because that means midterms are in the next couple weeks. 

I am actually so freaking scared.

So....physics is actually awful thanks for asking. I do think that God has blessed me with a lot of time to study though. I recognize that he gave me a job that allows me to study the whole entire time, and allowed 2 of my classes to be cancelled--leaving me with all of Thursday to study! yay. 

This has been such a struggle for me because I hate feeling stupid. Absolute worst feeling in the world. And I know I'm not! But I feel like everyone thinks I am in the class. But by this point I am totally okay with that because I am just trying to keep afloat so I am totally okay if all these people think I'm an idiot--most of them are graduating either this semester or next semester anyways!

The problem is that the teachers here teach everything so much different than my old ones. My tutor who is a math major was trying to show me how to do one of the problems but I was SO confused on how he was doing the partial derivative of one of the ln functions (you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay, just pretend like you do). He was explaining how you use the chain rule which sounds really familiar, but the way he was doing it was so confusing to me because I had learned it another way and didn't realize till after he had finished the problem. So there is just a lot of confusion for me...

Anyways yeah. Sorry I will probably mention physics every single post until I pass this class at the end of the semester. And if I don't pass then I will be retaking it next year and ranting every post. 

(and I know ranting is just catharsis and psychologists have proven it doesn't help you cope with stress at all, but I don't care. because they haven't given me a better way to deal with it besides like running which I don't have time to do and if I did I still wouldn't do it)



So I got a job as the Audio tech for our school. They set up the microphones, speakers, and music for dances, concerts, devotionals, and athletic events. It's super simple which is nice. You just come early, set everything up, test to make sure it all works, and then sit and make sure the speakers don't blow up. Aka sit and do homework or watch a movie. I'll probably stick with this job until March and then when I come back in the fall get the Graphic Arts tutor/lab attendant job so that I can work on my projects and get paid for it lol. 

THANKFULLY, the minimum wage just got moved up! It used to be $7.25 (!!!!!), but now it's $8.50 which sucks, but compared to $7.25.....I feel super rich. It's really hard to find any job that pays more than that. I haven't heard of anyone making more than that. It's just a super small school in a super small city so there aren't too many options.

Doesn't that sound board look super intimidating?! Yeah same. 

When I went in for the interview I almost walked out because it looked so scary.

Enjoy this beautiful picture of cafeteria food. Some days it's really bad, and some days they get really creative. They went all out with National Cereal Day which made me so happy because Junior year I  used to be obsessed with "national days" (free food). We also celebrated crepe day and the paninis are to die for (relatively speaking lol), and the ice cream machine is my go-to food if nothing looks good.

Speaking of which..........


All around we just look trashy.


Get it?

For one of my classes we were just assigned to clean up the beach. Class was cancelled and we had to send her a picture haha. Life is great.

Lastly, although there was quite a bit of trash, soon we will be getting so much more! yay.....

Do you know why??

2 hurricanes are headed my way!!

Hurricane Madeline and Lester.

technically I think Madeline has shrunk to just a tropical storm, but Lester is supposed to hit my side of Oahu on Sunday (:

At least if I die I won't have to take physics.

In all seriousness though, I'm actually so pumped. I hope it's super exciting and floods a lot. That would be cool. I just want to be in a hurricane. 

So yeah! Hopefully your week was wonderful, and if it wasn't then you and I both are praying it gets better.



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