Wednesday, September 7, 2016


You never realize how many people are on the island until a holiday or a weekend!

The traffic was horrendous, but luckily we got off to an early start. We got up at 7 AM and went to Shark's Cove. The visibility sucked. We saw some fish, but once it got to 20 feet we could barely see anything... But we went and saw the tide pool/shallow area and cut my foot lol. I wish I had taken some actually cool pictures but I didn't take any.....lameeee.

After, we went to Haleiwa and beat the line for Matsumoto's Shave Ice, went to a ton of different art galleries (and took all their free postcards lol), took some pictures, hung out at the beach (taught them cartwheels), and got lunch. After awhile, Derek and I started getting tired and hitchhiked back to campus. 

Incase you didn't know, my friends are actually weirdos.

Look how healthy I am! 
Not that healthy, but healthier than my friends lol

(as I eat an average of 4 servings of ice cream a day...)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. My friend Trevor and I spent 3 HOURS in the caf lol. Friends just kept coming and we just kept talking. And then we just kept being lazy and not wanting to know, typical. Then we went and talked with friends and played around the world ping pong. And then, everyone wanted to watch a movie, but then I left and watched the same movie by myself because I like watching movies with small groups of people better haha.

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