Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I have a really hard time focusing on reading stuff if there aren't pictures or if the text doesn't change in size, boldness, italics, etc; so I do not blame you at all if you don't read this because I know I probably wouldn't read it either.

I know I keep saying that the days are flying by, but also dragging on and I can't even explain how true that is.

Just last Wednesday seems like weeks ago.

So I'm going to start with Wednesday night since that is the furthest back I can remember. Yikes. 

Everything is changing so quickly and it is honestly so terrifying:

1. I have a lot of friends here but not very many are like really really close, you know? And I'm the type of person who is totally fine with just one friend as long as I can trust them and tell them anything and be really annoying and they won't leave me haha. I've had quit a few of those friends in my life and all of them have since left me, so I was kind of just enjoying being friends with a huge group of people and experiencing what that's like (I feel like at any given time of my life I have only had around 6 friends and then like 25 "friends"). So now I feel like I have like 45 "friends" and like 5 friends, but there has been an opening for best friend for quite a while. 

Sorry that was a really long explanation for something that really didn't need that many words haha. 

Basically I made a friend who I am really really happy with. His name is Kell, and we actually kind of like hated each other in the beginning? I don't really know haha but that's how a lot of my friendships start out--not that that is a good thing lol!

I can't remember why we were texting but he asked me something and I told him it was a long story that I wasn't willing to type out (I'm really kind, I know) but he was willing to listen in person and we ended up talking for hours. So I guess we are friends now haha. He is one of those people who has seen probably every single movie in the world. So he is "very picky" about movies and has made a list of movies and TV shows I need to watch--it has gotten pretty long by now (don't worry I am still studying a lot. I told him I wouldn't watch any until after my physics test this week--PRAY FOR ME)

2. On Thursday night there was a meeting for the Cheer and Dance team for BYUH. I walked into the room and sat down and I no-joke almost walked out after 5 minutes. There were quite a few girls and for someone who hasn't danced in 3 YEARS I was kinda freaking out. So needless to say, I am so glad I stayed! We moved into the gym and ran two laps (I was dying. I hate running! Honestly just because I'm out of shape and bad at it--if I was good at it, I would love it haha), and then started stretching. Since I haven't done splits for 2.5 years and had only bothered to start stretching 2 days before....it HURT. Honestly it is kind of an unspoken rule, but if you don't have at  least your right and left side splits flat...you have absolutely no chance in dance. Once you are like 12, you better have those suckers down (and I mean it is actually easier if you had started at like say 8, because you like naturally have the flexibility, right?). So anyways, I pushed my hips flat, and I AM SO SORE NOW. Sore everywhere. Literally every single muscle kills--honestly it's a great feeling. I feel so accomplished! 

So after stretching, they tried to evaluate our tumbling. A little backstory--I haven't done flips on ground since Freshman year drill team? And then I mean Junior year was my epic backflip off a tire where I went high enough, but didn't go back far enough and hit my head on the tire while going down and got a concussion.... so I mean I probably shouldn't do any tumbling right? WRONG. You can be a mediocre dancer with tumbling and make the team. That is honestly probably why I have always been a favorite on my previous dance teams. I am making (okay I might not be that forceful...) all my daughters take gymnastics. SO WORTH IT. So yeah mom, I am so glad I did not take you and dad up on that offer in 5th grade (?). The one where if I quit gymnastics we could go on a trip to California. 1. because gymnastics has shaped my life and I wouldn't be where I was without it. I think it is part of why I am so independent. My coaches were amazing. 2. We ended up going to California like the next year anyways lol.

Friday, we learned the cheer dance part, and it is HARD. Also we didn't have much time to learn it and it was a lot of fast movements. ANYWAYS--goodness I always have so much to say!--so that night went pretty great. We learned an actual cheer (like with the word/chant thing), and a dance. I made a friend Danielle, and we practiced the dance in the stake center until we got kicked out because of curfew haha.

The next morning we got up super early to practice before tryouts--running on like no sleep because I made a bad decision to stay out late. Throughout the clinics and even practicing before tryouts, girls started dropping out lol. Like it's awful, but you can kind of tell if you are going to make the team or not.... so tryouts went by, and honestly I killed the dance routines. Cheer....was a little more rough, but that isn't what I was really trying out for anyways.

So Saturday night I got an email to say I made it, along with the two girls I was hoping would make it: Brittany and Danielle.

3. Stake Conference. So stake conference was this Sunday and since there are so many people in my stake we had to have it in the gym. So that meant I had to work. So Saturday night I had to work at a volleyball game, and since we all try not to work on Sunday, AFTER the game ended everyone was trying to set everything up. So we ended up staying a really really long time (I mean yay hours...but I need sleep man).

Sunday morning rolls around, and I have to be there at 8. Which isn't bad, I'm usually awake by then. I set two alarms and they went off...unfortunately that was when I realized that my POC phone's screen had finally stopped working... that meant that all I could do was snooze the alarms that just happened to be going off every 4 minutes. So....I stuck some ticky tack in the speakers, and wrapped it in 4 towels to muffle the vibrating! When I came back home it was frozen on the alarm screen (:


ANYWAYS. Stake conference. Sorry, got distracted. So I get there at 8, and it doesn't even start till 10. It takes us like 10 minutes to finish setting up, and then we just sit there for 2 hours. So I go back to my dorm and get a blanket and snacks, because the sound box get's COLD. Like I was laying on the floor in a fetal position with a blanket for 4 hours. So that was fun....

4. I know I said midterms were last week, but....they got pushed back to this week. Which I mean is good since I haven't really studied, but sucks too because I did my practice test for physics and I literally am questioning being a dentist JUST because of this class. I swear. All I want is a C. I took my midterm for GE 110 today though--probably killed it tbh, and am taking Book of Mormon tomorrow, just to get it out of the way. Honestly this week is super packed because of tests, dance, work, and school. So after Thursday...then I'll have a life again (thank goodness!).

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